Hurricane Irene

A hurricane headed for Virginia? At the same time as our scheduled deputation in that state?

This summer, in addition to visiting churches every weekend, we scheduled a week in Pennsylvania and a week in Virginia.

Pennsylvania was wonderful! Everything went smoothly...we had several deputation services, and we enjoyed meeting several old friends and making some new ones!

Our week in Virginia, on the other hand, was very challenging! It just so happened to be the week that Hurricane Irene slamed into the Virginia coast! While most people were fleeing Virginia for safer turf, we were driving into the state! To make life even more interesting, our car broke down and we had to get it towed. Just as we were getting off the interstate, the car began to shake! We pulled over as quickly as possible and began wondering what to do.

Ed decided to brave the wind and the rain to see if he could find the problem. Heather decided she couldn't just stay in the car, so she got the umbrella. We were quite a sight...Ed looking under the car to see what was wrong, while Heather held the umbrella! The umbrella was almost useless in the driving rain, and we both quickly got soaked! Ed decided he needed the jack, but it was buried at the bottom of the trunk with all of our luggage and display materials filling the trunk to the brim. Just as we started to move our stuff from the trunk to the back seat so we could get the jack, someone driving by stopped to help. They took us to what was probably the only garage that was still open in the little town on a Saturday evening with a hurricane moving in.

While the mechanic went to tow the car, we began searching the yellow pages for a car rental place that was still open. Enterprise...closed. Hertz...closed. Avis...closed. Just when we thought we weren't going to find anything, we called a number for an independent car rental place...and someone answered! We were able to rent a car and leave ours at the garage, where the mechanic fixed it on Monday.

Irene caused power outages in the city where we were scheduled for Sunday morning, so as a result of that, our service was cancelled. The rental car did take us safely to our Sunday evening service, though, in a city that was farther from the storm's path!

Deputation memories! We won't soon forget the time that Hurricane Irene collided with our deputation plans!

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