Spreading Hope is a Very
Rewarding Experience!

Without hope there is no tomorrow...

The people of many Eastern European countries, including Hungary, Romania, Russia and Ukraine have suffered throughout history under oppressive regimes and harsh conditions.

Even though they have vibrant cultural and religious traditions, the people are dissatisfied, and they are looking for hope...

We count it a real privilege to be able to offer it to them!

We learned a long time ago that it is truly 'more blessed to give than to receive'...

That is why we are passionate about seeking out opportunities to share God's love with everyone...because nothing compares to the blessing that comes from showing kindness to others.

And you can get in on the blessing! Not everyone can go to another country, but everyone can participate in one way or another. We couldn't do it without a group of faithful supporters who are a vital part of our ministry!

Together, let's make sure there is a tomorrow for everyone!

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Hungary - A Strategic Location
Budapest, Hungary is a strategic location for ministry in Eastern Europe
Orphanage Ministry in Romania
Giving hope to the orphans in Romania
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Video team
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Deeper Life Seminars
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New Opportunities and Developments
Many exciting new developments and opportunities in Eastern Europe and Russia
Thanksgiving Reflections
Thanksgiving Reflections for what God has done in our ministry.
Rescue the Perishing
God is helping us to rescue the perishing souls of Eastern Europe and Russia
Building a Legacy
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Hospital Ministry
Heather's hospital ministry in Budapest
Learning a Foreign Language
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Region Overview
An overview of exciting ministries in Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Russia
Durham Ministry Newsletters
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Danube Flood
The Great Danube River Flood
Meet At the Cross
Please meet us at the cross to join in prayer for the people of Eastern Europe and Russia
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Deputation Memories
travel experiences and memories from deputation
Continuing Success in Romania
Taking orphans to the next step of living on their own means continuing success in Romania
Hungarian Literature Outreach Project
Hungarian Literature Project, Publishing "Is God Really My Father?"
Sheep Project
sheep project for Slovakia Center
Contact Me
Contact me for more information