New Opportunities And Developments

We are excited about the new opportunities and developments in Russia, Romania and Hungary!  Watch the video to find out what is happening!

New Developments in Russia

     HIM’s ministry center in Vyborg Russia has a strong history of consistently ministering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of thousands of Russian people.  We are particularly excited about the newest development there. 

      For a couple of years, we have been planning to transition the center to national leadership.  Richard and Judy Grout have trained and mentored a large number of Russian Christians during their 20+ years at the center.  It was really exciting to participate in the Board meeting this fall, where the new national director, Valera, led the meeting for the first time.

    This is one of the biggest goals of missionary work…to train nationals to lead the ministry to their own people, and we are thrilled about this new phase in the Russian ministry!  Richard and Judy will continue to actively participate in the ministry as well as serve in administrative and advisory roles.

New Opportunities in Hungary

     God has given us many ministry opportunities here in Hungary, for which we are very thankful!  As we look back over the last couple of years, we are amazed at how he has opened so many doors for us.  Right now, we are excited about several ministry opportunities that we are praying about. 

     One of these new opportunities is another hospital ministry.  We have been talking to the director of this hospital, and we are working on a mutually acceptable agreement to allow us to visit and pray with the patients.  We hope we can offer comfort and give them spiritual help.  We will also be able to give them the hospital gift packs that Heather makes that include hygiene items, a snack and a portion of scripture.

     Several other opportunities include a possible future ministry to Gypsies in this converted chicken coup; a Bible study that we have recently started in a neighboring city; celebrate recovery groups, as well as individual counseling and mentoring.  Please help us pray for these ministries that have the potential to meet the spiritual needs of many people, and result in many lives being transformed by God’s Amazing Grace.

New Futures in Romania

     Our ministry to orphans in Romania is one of the ways we fulfill Jesus’ command to “care for the widows and orphans”.  Sally Sebo works tirelessly to meet the needs of the precious children that God has brought to us.  The outcome of this is that these children have the opportunity to have a new future…one that would not have been possible if they hadn’t come to the House of Hope. 

     Most of the children at the House of Hope arrived in very dire physical condition… emaciated, underdeveloped, pale, sickly, and malnourished.  Some were abandoned and others came from neglectful or abusive situations.  Once, they were lost in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness. All of them needed someone to intervene for them to change the direction of their lives.  Now, all of them have the hope of a new future, which includes better health, improved education, a loving environment and a new eternal destination…now, they have been found

     The most important thing we can do for these children is to share the gospel message with them, and lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is a privilege to be able to do that…but without first meeting their physical and emotional needs, it would not be possible.  Intentional intervention in their lives has given them the hope of a new future here on earth as well as a new eternal destination.

Future expansion to New Countries

     In the last several months, Heather and I have made exploratory trips to Albania and Czech.  Both of these countries desperately need someone to come and share the Good News of the Gospel.  In spite of Czech’s rich religious history, less than 1% of the people are evangelical, and in Albania, over 50% of the population is Muslim.  We are praying for missionaries who are willing to go to the people in these countries who desperately need to hear that God can transform their lives and make them new creatures in Christ Jesus.  They need to experience God’s Amazing Grace! 

     I want to thank all of you who have supported our ministries in Eastern Europe.  We are excited about the new developments and opportunities in this region. 

     We hope you will partner with us!  Together, we can build a NEW FUTURE in Eastern Europe and Russia!