New Horizons Center

     Every year, approximately 400 young people ‘graduate’ from the orphanages in Slovakia, and are forced to make it on their own.  Most of them have no home, no job, nowhere to go and no one to help them.  Consequently, many are caught in human trafficking, exploitation, drugs and prostitution.  In fact, over 80% of the young people who ‘age out’ of the orphanages fail to make a successful transition into life on their own.

     God has given us a burden and passion to start a transition center where these young people can learn the life skills that will prepare them for a fulfilling adult life – a place to find love and spiritual training; a place to learn how to maintain a home; a place to receive mentoring and help finding a job.

     We are happy to announce that Hope International Missions has purchased a property near Michalovce, Slovakia that we are transforming into a Disadvantaged Youth Development Center.  The property consists of a spacious two-storey house, a garage and barn, as well as a very large garden.  Fruit trees and grape vines are a bonus! This will allow us to grow a lot of the food that will be necessary for operating the home.

     Our plan is to start a program for girls who need a place to live and are interested in a 2-3 year program that will help them transition successfully to life on their own.  The program will be individualized to each young woman and will help them deal with trauma in their past as well as encourage them to learn how to take personal responsibility for their choices and actions.

     We have spent many hours cleaning, painting and furnishing the center.  We have also done some extensive exterior work.  The roof has been repaired and painted, new windows and doors have been installed, and we put insulation on the outside walls and re-stuccoed the entire house.  Many of these repairs were necessary to seal the home from the winter weather and reduce the utility bills.  We still have interior repairs to be completed over the winter months.  An area of the house that has never been used will be finished, and a new bathroom will be installed so we can accommodate more girls.

We want to make this a place where the girls can transition successfully to a well balanced and productive life.

Funds are needed for the following projects:

1.  Finish an unfinished bedroom.

2.  Install a large bathroom with showers.

3. Purchase furniture for the bedrooms.

We really need your help so that many hurting young people will find hope and healing through this ministry.  Thank you!