Rescue the Perishing

God is helping us to rescue many perishing souls in Eastern Europe and Russia.  Watch the video for our latest update, and rejoice with us in what God is doing!


For years, our missionaries in Eastern Europe have been faithfully rescuing orphans and addicts from their harmful environments, and are giving them a new chance at life.

In Romania, many orphans have been rescued from very dangerous, neglectful or abusive situations.  Now they are safe, healthy and happy because someone cared enough to intervene for them.

In Russia, A church that was planted from our ministry center has an ongoing ministry to addicts.  Many former addicts, have been saved, and their lives turned around as a direct result of this ministry.

I pray that God will give us the ability to snatch many more orphans and addicts from sin and the grave -- before it is too late!


For 13 years, HIM has had an ongoing hospital ministry in Vyborg, Russia.  Ludmilla, a nurse and physiotherapist, visits the patients, offers comfort, gives her testimony and sometimes even some physiotherapy.  She also distributes about 1,000 New Testaments each year to patients and invalids.

Recently, we started a similar ministry in Budapest.  Along with offering prayer and comfort, Heather puts together gift bags that include necessities that the hospital doesn’t provide, as well as a small snack and a Gospel of John.  It is our sincere prayer that hearts that have been broken and crushed by sin will be awakened by these simple acts of kindness.


Russian prisons are notoriously very bleak and tough.  For the past 11 years, our ministry center in Russia has been corresponding with more than 110 prisoners each month in more than 200 prisons all across Russia, sharing scriptures and answering spiritual questions for the prisoners. Anna is the backbone of this ministry, and even though she is battling cancer herself, she, and her coworkers, faithfully carry on the correspondence ministry-- serving the living Lord joyfully and fulfilling the Great Commission by lifting up those who have fallen.


During the last few months, God gave us many opportunities to share the Gospel across our region and to offer restoring grace to many souls.  We had youth camps, children’s camps and Bible Clubs, including a gypsy children’s camp here in Hungary. The children loved doing crafts, getting their very own wordless book, and many of them prayed to ask Jesus to live in their hearts!

In Budapest, Heather and I, along with several helpers, distributed over 12,000 pieces of Gospel literature, including Brazil books and our Hungarian tract. We saw a man reading the tract while we were on our way home on the subway one day. He read the entire tract and then carefully put it in his pocket before getting off the subway.  Another lady, who we met while passing out Brazil books, came to the launch of our new church in Budapest and got saved!

This is why we are here - to spread the Good News of Jesus all across this vast region and to train national leaders to plant churches that will rescue the perishing, lift the fallen and offer them restoring grace.

I am praying for a mighty church planting movement to sweep across Eastern Europe and Russia, and I believe God is already answering my prayers!

I want to personally thank those of you who have prayed and financially supported our ministries in Eastern Europe and Russia!  I pray that God will richly bless you!  Unfortunately, our support has fallen recently due to varying circumstances in the lives of some of our supporters.  If God has blessed you and you would like to give a financial gift to help our ministry, please send it to:

Hope International Missions

PO Box 1065

Hobe Sound, FL  33475


Designate your gift for “Durham Support” on the memo line of your check. 

THANK YOU for partnering with us as we serve our living Lord, and fulfill the Great Commission by rescuing the perishing souls of Eastern Europe and Russia.