Migrant Crisis in Hungary

This crisis is right here in Budapest, Hungary. Click to watch the video.

Hungary is facing a very serious migrant crisis that is testing the limits of human and financial resources in the country.  Tens of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers are flooding into Hungary through the southern border.  Many of the people are from Greece, Turkey, Syria and Afghanistan.

Most of the immigrants from these war-torn countries crawled through a razor wire fence to enter Hungary from Serbia, in a desperate attempt to get into the European Union. 

Once they cross into Hungary, they are camping out at train stations and in other migrant camps around the country where Hungarian officials are trying to process them.  However, the sheer numbers are overwhelming all Hungarian resources.

Almost all of them hope to proceed to more wealthy countries like Austria and Germany, but Austrian officials have increased security at the Austrian-Hungarian border, so many of the people are stranded here in Hungary, and the Hungarian officials don't have adequate resources to deal with this very difficult situation.  

This is a great opportunity for us to show God's love to these needy people, and we are involved in helping with food, clothing, and medical supplies for the relief effort. 

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