Thanksgiving Reflections

     Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on how God has helped us in our ministry in Hungary.  To God be the glory, great things He has done!

     Watch this video to see what has been happening!

     Each year, at Thanksgiving time, we like to reflect on the past year, and praise God for all of His help in our lives and ministry.

     At the beginning of this year, while we were discussing our goals and plans, we recognized our deep need of a miracle from God.  So, each day, in spite of winter cold and snow, Ed walked down to the Danube River to get alone with God and spend time praying over the city.

Street Evangelism

     One of our greatest needs was a Hungarian Christian with a heart for evangelism to help us with street evangelism and outreach.  Miraculously, we met a young lady who was an answer to our prayers.  We began meeting on a central square in Budapest in the evenings and approaching people to start a spiritual conversation.  If they showed a sincere interest in the Gospel, we gave them a Gospel of John and invited them to a Bible Study.  One young man talked with Ed at length and accepted a Gospel of John.  He said he knew he needed to do something about His spiritual condition.  He wasn’t willing to pray on the street, but he promised he would go to church the coming Sunday and pray.  When we finished talking to him, he spent quite a while, there on the square, reading the Gospel of John. We are thankful for the many opportunities God gave us to point people to Christ through street evangelism this year!

Hospital Ministry

     In Hungarian, the word for hospital is ‘korhaz’.  Going to the korhaz is vastly different than going to the hospital in the US.  Basic necessities are not supplied by the korhaz,  so it is a great opportunity for us to show God’s love to people who are hurting.  We put together a gift bag that includes soap, tissues, a small snack and a portion of scripture, then, we take these to the korhaz  and distribute them to the patients.   We also discuss spiritual issues and have prayer with them.  Recently, one man prayed for salvation during our visit.

Children's Ministries

     During the summer, we had an amazing opportunity to do a VBS for Romanian children as well as a Bible English Camp for gypsy children in Hungary.  It was thrilling to see the children praying to ask Jesus into their hearts!

Church Planting

     We are thankful to see God’s hand at work as we have prayed and labored to launch a church in Budapest.  It has been amazing to see the pieces come together.   Daniel, a pastor from another city, has been a great help to us in this endeavor, and along with our ministry partners, we were able to launch the church in September.  We praise God for the great things He has done!

World Cup Outreach

     Soccer is Europe’s favorite sport.  When the World Cup was taking place in Brazil, crowds of people here in Budapest gathered to watch the games on big screens in the parks.  We knew this would happen, so we planned to have 5000 Brazil books shipped to Budapest for us to use in outreach during the World Cup games.  Ana, our friend from Hobe Sound, who is living about 50 miles from us, came to Budapest to help us with the distribution.  We set up an assembly line in our living room to put contact information and a Hungarian tract in each book before heading out to distribute them.   While we were handing out the books, a woman stopped to talk to us, and we found out that she was in the process of moving to Ana’s city.  Ana developed a friendship with her, and brought her to the launch of our new church in Budapest a few weeks later.  She prayed during that service, and continues to seek for more of God.

     It is wonderful to be a part of what God is doing here in Hungary.  We count it a privilege to be His servants and to see, first-hand the miracles that he is performing!  Thank you for your prayers and financial support for us.  The financial burden increases as we continue to expand our ministry, so we are asking for you to help us bear this burden.  We know God will richly bless you as you give to His work!  Together, we can pierce the spiritual darkness in Hungary. Let’s expect many more miracles in the coming months!

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