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If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is a video worth?

Missionaries have always recognized the importance of pictures in representing their work to their constituents.  Decades ago, we huddled in a dark room as the missionary projected his slides on the wall and told stories about distant lands; places we knew we would never have the chance to visit. The missionary had been overseas for at least 4 years, without the possibility of sending any pictures back for us to see.  It was a highlight of the year when the missionary visited our church with his slides! We were moved by the spiritual and physical hunger the pictures of the people portrayed, and we were fascinated by the large snakes and other exotic creatures.

Times have changed!  Now, missionaries can post pictures on Facebook or other social media sites, and friends back home can see them instantly.  We have become a society that craves information about what is happening in other peoples’ lives.  Therefore, it is important for missionaries to be able to satisfy that desire, and at the same time provide high quality pictures and videos that give an even clearer picture of their ministry.

A Video Team Comes to Hungary

This summer, TLC and Hope International Missions joined forces to find a way to fill this need.  They recruited a media team consisting of 2 photographers, 2 videographers and 2 team leaders to come here to Eastern Europe to document our ministries in Hungary and Romania. It was a great experience for us to be their “guinea pigs” – the first missionaries to participate in the video team project!  The goal of the team was to get ‘miles’ of video footage and hundreds of pictures, so they could put together a series of videos that would educate and inspire people with the amazing things that God is doing here in Eastern Europe.

We are so grateful for the talented young people who took time from their summer to devote to this ministry. It is a real blessing for them to provide a more professional way for us to relate the activities here on the field to our friends and supporters.  It is interesting to ‘look through their lenses’ and see their perspective and creativity shine through in their final productions.  I believe this is a great way to leverage their abilities to present our message with greater impact.  Thank you, video team, for your hard work!

So, what is a video worth?  Well, it is certainly difficult to put a value on it. 

Watch a sample of their work.

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