Deputation Memories

One of the privileges of being a missionary is that you have the opportunity to travel around the country to various churches and share your ministry with the congregation.

Some missionaries love this part of the job, while others find it emotionally draining and physically exhausting. It can be rather difficult to travel hundreds of miles and sleep in a different bed every night for weeks or even months at a time.

Generally speaking, we enjoy deputation because we get to meet lots of people who genuinely are interested in missions and who want to be a part of our ministry. We love to fellowship with pastors and lay people and to renew acquaintances or make new friends.

We also get to see parts of the country that we may not otherwise visit. It has been our privilege to be to the far northwest coast of Alaska and to the southeast coast of well as many, many beautiful places in between!

Mile after mile, service after service...sometimes it gets repetitive...and sometimes it is hard to stay awake behind the wheel! But then, there is the occasional experience that is out of the ordinary...whether for good or for the time we were driving TOWARDS a hurricane when everyone else was driving AWAY! These experiences make for memories that we will not soon forget!