Delicious Hungarian Food

Hungarian food is hearty and delicious. Hungarians are famous for their "goulash", which is actually a soup made with meat, onions and vegetables, seasoned with paprika. It can be traced back to the Magyars, who arrived in the country around 800 A.D. They were nomads who traveled with dried meat and onions that they cooked in a pot over a fire.
Another traditional dish is 'Porkolt', which is the National Hungarian Stew. It is a hearty stew of meat and onions in a sour cream gravy. Sometimes foreigners confuse goulash and the traditional stew, but they actually are two different dishes.
'Pogacha' is another delicious Hungarian specialty. It is a small, flaky biscuit that makes a perfect addition to goulash or porkolt. They are readily available at many small bakeries and in grocery stores. Other popular dishes include stuffed cabbage, stuffed green pepers and paprika chicken. Italian dishes are also popular, thanks to Queen Beatrice (1458-1490) the Italian wife of King Matthias.
For dessert, you can enjoy many cakes and pastries, but I particularly like the strudel, which is a flaky pastry dough that is filled with apples, cherries or other fruits.

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